Knowing God Post 1

 Psalm 104:1-20 (104:5)  He set the earth on its foundations; it can never be moved

Many in our world, even in the church, attempt to build a sense of stability in their lives in things of this world.  Among the problems with this is that there is not even one created thing that is permanent.  These things that we depend on for a moment of peace and pleasure are all passing away.

The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever. 1 John 2:17

In other words, if I trust in this home to make life stable and then there is a disaster that takes out my home my whole life is suddenly destabilized.  My emotions, my work, my family and pretty much everything that I hold dear becomes part of this challenge.  Trying to take on the rest of my life will be difficult because my stabilizer is gone.  However, what if my center is found in the Creator who set the Earth’s Foundation?  The same disaster comes after me.  With my feet on solid ground, I can take on the difficulties the storm of disaster has taken away from me.

My friends, for too many people we put our attention so much on the temporary that we fail to focus in on what really matters.  When I focus on the temporary and make them my god, I do not have the energy or desire to deal with the problems of my world.  However, when I make God my sure foundation and my one hope there is a sense of peace and stability that is unparalleled.  Seek to know God.

Of course this does not mean that there are not storms.  Some Jesus will calm, others He will allow us to endure.   Start with this foundational truth.  God is always with us.  When I don’t know what to say or do, He is there to lead me and guide me.  He is my hope when it feels like my heart I broken.  He is the shelter in the storm.  He is also applauding as I come through the storm stronger and more like Jesus than before.

Try this exercise this week.  Imagine that you have lost everything in your world.  Home, family, job, clothing, and all of those precious treasures.  Create the picture clearly, feel the emotions of the loss.  Then look around.  What did you leave out of the exercise?  There is likely some relationship or favorite item that you failed to put into the fire.  Then turn to God.  Look at Him and thank Him that He is all that you need.  When you really know Him, that will be enough.