Knowing God Post 3

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

How much do you trust God?  For too many of us we give lip service to our trust.  We proclaim great trust when things go the way that we want them to go.  Athletes often praise God for wins and are silent in the losses.  Pastors praise God for the healing but are mute when the healing does not seem to appear.  When it appears that God is missing, we make excuses for Him.

Science works to make explanation and makes these powerful proclamations that they call undeniable truth that is overturned in the next generation.  Many fear the power of AI.  These powerful algorithms could be feared if people were predictable.  My experience is that people often make no sense.  Science says that smoking will lead to a whole host of health issues, yet people persist in their addiction and then are surprised when health troubles come to pass.  Somehow people feel that yelling will help them get their way.  My own body rarely makes sense.  I was hurt for no explainable reason and the evidence-based solution does not seem to work on me.  Others I talk to are also often confused by why life can be so hard and unpredictable.  AI will never keep up with the insanity of mankind, so I have little concern.

Our only real choice is to put our trust in the Creator who is at the beginning and the end.  He knows me deeply at a deeper than cellular level.  It is only the Creator who can repair me and bring long range healing.  If I know Him I can begin to trust Him.  If I can trust Him I know that I must praise Him with my whole being.  Let my voice present an offering of praise to the King of Kings.  Let my interactions with the lost draw people to Him.  Radiate my whole being like the face of Moses.  Build my trust.